Technical Tracks

Technical Tracks (track co-chairs)

T1. Technologies  and  Infrastructures (Peter Palensky (Netherland), Dietmar Bruckner (Austria))
T2. Cognitive and Computational Intelligence (Ladjel Bellatreche (France), José Barata (Portugal))

T3. Distributed,  Embedded  &  Networked  Control  Systems  (Olivier Bachelier (France), Carlos Eduardo Pereira (Brazil), Shyh Wei Teng (Australia))
T4. Real-Time and Embedded Computing (Pascal Richard (France), Luis Ribeiro (Sweden))
T5. Factory Automation (Lucia Lo Bello (Italy), Shen Yin (China))
T6. Human-Machine Interfaces (Kang Hyun Jo  (S. Korea), Milos Manic (USA))
T7. Mechatronics and Robotics (Peter Korondi (Hungary), Damien Chablat (France), Lotfi Romdhane (UAE)) 
T8. Energy Efficiency (Seddik Bacha (France), Mo-Yuen Chow (USA), Federico Baronti (Italy)) 
T9. Wireless, Cyber-Physical and Cloud Technologies (Paulo Leitão (Portugal), KF Tsang (Hong Kong), Rodolphe Vauzelle (France)) 
T10. Tools and Applications (Valery Vyatkin (Sweden), Alois Zoitl (Austria))
T11. New and Emerging Paradigms (Xinghuo Yu, (Australia), Eric Monmasson (France), Huijun Gao (China))


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