Keynote Speakers

Tomas Prchal, B&R Automation, Austria

Presentation: Issues in automation for Industries 4.0

Abstract: Robot as a Machine Component B&R offers the most advanced way of robot integration – seamless integration into machine control. The machine (e.g. press brake, packaging machine, or plastic molding machine) and the robot(s) are using the same processor, memory and timing.


Stefan Bina, B&R Automation, Austria

Presentation: Open Communication Standards - Key to Success for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is advertised to be the fourth industrial revolution which aims for a connected and intelligent factory. This enables a dynamic response to product demands. Mass customization is put into focus. The active organization of manufacturing production processes through intelligent products depends on self-optimization, configuration and diagnosis of the whole production. One of the main challenges of Industry 4.0 is also to find a standardized technological basis for the interconnection of systems. Only the use of open communication standards such as OPC UA, POWERLINK and openSAFETY ensures the necessary interoperability while meeting needs for real-time communication and secure connectivity, from the sensor to the cloud. Based on practical examples, the presentation shows a future-oriented integrated automation architecture based on open standards, while it explains the functionality and lays out its resulting benefits.


Axel Weber, Division Healthcare at Kuka, Germany

Presentation: Challenges and trends in the field of medical robotics

Abstract: The presentation will discuss the challenges and trends in medical robotics. It will give an overview in which medical fields robotics are already in use today and where the chances are for further use in future. The ongoing industrial development of collaborative robots, e.g. lightweight robotics, will bring new opportunities for use in different medical applications. Several applications are in the evaluation phase and will be prepared for clinical use as a medical product. The talk will show some examples of users and partners of KUKA robotics from academia to medical technology industry.

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